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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

To the Sweet Young Girls in my Life

Good morning girls~

Yes, this post is just to the girls. Specifically to some young girlfriends of mine. I love you very much. I am constantly impressed by your kindness, your deep love for others, your caring example in looking to the needs of others, your desire to please the LORD. Your faithfulness in attending services. I LOVE YOU!!!

But you, like me, are not perfect. I have my struggles and
you have yours. I know one of those struggles put upon all of us is the pressure to conform to the world. The pressure to buy into the foolish idea that you must win a fella by your outward beauty and by showing off your lovely young figures. Sweet friends of mine, please do not buy that lie Satan is trying to sell you. Please look to His word for His idea of modesty. Do a word study on articles of clothing. I assure you from my deep study, and the study of many other faithful men and women, it will conclude with the knowledge that God wants us covered from shoulder to knee. Please do not come to church again (or anywhere else) in short dresses or with ANY cleavage showing, with skin tight T~shirts stretched tightly across your chests. Wearing a see through lacy undershirt under your too low cut t~shirt does not make your outfit modest. It draws the eyes right to an area of your body that is CREATED to be seen by ONLY your husband. It's for your future husband's pleasure some day, and for nursing whatever sweet babies God may give you (if you chose to do so). It's not for my sons to view( unless one day they are your husband...which right now they AREN'T) It pleases that old liar the devil, and he couldn't be more happy that you have been caught in his trap. It saddens and angers our LORD, who continually warns us to be READY. To remain PURE. To stand fast always, to be watching for HIS return..

Your own dear mommas or grandmommas may not stop you. They may not have the Bible knowledge themselves. They may be thankful that you are improving in your dress, and be afraid to push you a bit farther to where you need to be. But sweet girls, Immodesty is a sin. Immodesty can not only cause you to be lost, but others to stumble as well. Other girls because they see YOU as a good Christian girl and think it's o.k. to dress like you are dressing, and boys because they can't help but stare...and imagine. They are not bad boys. I am a woman, and I can't help but see, and males are just more visually effected. That's how God created them. That's why it's COMMANDED that as women we adorn ourselves in modest apparel. There will be a time when you get to bare all. It will be right, good, pure, wonderful, complete happiness...in your Christian marriages. But for now, keep those beautiful, lovely bodies covered up. Keep it a mystery and just shine with your beautiful smiles, your beautiful actions, your beautiful modest clothing.

I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! I look forward to spending more time on this earth with you. You light up a room just by your very presence. I look forward to spending eternity with you, sweet girls. Will you please think about these things? Will you please be willing to die to self, and follow the LORD and His will even though it's hard. Will you please try to have a humble heart and not be angered by this note to YOU? Will you please be brave and post this on your own page to encourage your own dear friends?

Have a super day my sweet young encouraging friends! Big warm hugs to all of you!



  1. Thank you Mrs Debbie :) We all need that reminder again. Love you :) <3

  2. Thank you for your courage in sharing these thoughts, and for saying what needs to be said with such sweetness and love.

  3. I think I will copy this and use it today in my teen girl's class this is just what I want for them and the reason I teach. AT least one of the reasons. Thanks!Blessings. My brother is taking Chemo and my husband shaved his head yesterday. I was wondering what kind of cancer do you have? I have a post on Cancer on my site:


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