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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fed Up

Good morning my sweet family and friends!
(er afternoon~eveningish...this post took a long time to write)

I wanted to tell you thank you for all of your encouraging and uplifting comments, messages and emails. It's one thing to be reprimanded when you are being a stinker and unkind, but it's another thing to get that when you are really trying to do your best for your family, for your friends and for the LORD.

In my sweet Sugarbears words "That weally thtinkth!" (that really stinks)

No biggie.
Not trying to whine...
o.k....maybe a little...
I DID get the wind knocked out of me for a bit.
But that's o.k.
God is sooo good and here HE gave us a brand new day on this side of eternity to enjoy and glorify HIM!

You all know that Our sweet Shauna left us this year (No, I still can't say died) .
I had cancer this year.
I don't feel a little focused on Heaven.
I feel a LOT focused on Heaven.
Again, I'm not "ALL that".
Yikes, I have so far to go.
I know my goal, and I am so thankful that my sweet Savior knows ME,
knows my heart,
knows my intentions.

So, I was a little fed up.

I admit it.

You see, my family is stuck with me.
My dear LORD and Heavenly Father are stuck with me.

That leaves you, my friends.

You, lucky folk that you are , are not stuck with me!
You can "unfriend" me if you want to.
Just take me right off of your friends list if I offend you.
It will NOT offend ME or hurt my feelings.
It's o.k.

I would rather you did so, as a matter of fact, rather than you leave ugly and unkind comments on my page. I do not put ugly or unkind comments on my page directed towards you, nor do I post them on your wall. I have a very strict rule for myself to try to only leave uplifting and honest comments for others. If I have something to say that might be construed as confrontational, no matter how carefully I say it, then I will send it to you in a private message.

That is my Biblical understanding of addressing a matter of disagreement in the church. If you believe me to be sinning, please be so kind as to call me, message me, email me and let me know. I am open to discussion. You are on my friends list, because I think you are my friend.

But anyway, onward and upward...

Before even opening a facebook account we had a lot of family discussions. We discussed getting ad blocker first, to avoid the often pornographic ads that pop up on the side bar of facebook, which we did. We discussed family rules on what would and would not be appropriate content on our pages and on our friend's pages. (We have sometimes had to talk to our children about comments they have left and what some might construe from them and had to remove them. We have open access to each other's passwords and pages)

So after much discussion and thought, I finally opened a facebook account, this social networking venue, to reach out to my friends and family and share God's word with them. Our family uses facebook to grow spiritually ourselves ( I read tons of Bible articles on here), and to try to uplift and edify others.

Sometimes that means I have to s-t-r-e-t-c-h and grow a bit.

Sometimes I might be trying to encourage you to s-t-r-e-t-c-h and grow a bit. Sometimes I get my heart pricked and realize there is an area I need to do better in. Sometimes I try to pass that on to others, because surely I am not the only Christian that has some maturing to do.

So, see, I am going to continue to study and write Biblical articles. That's the point of my life. To grow and do what I can in my little corner of the world for my Father.

If you are on my friends list, I'll be writing to you, too.
Like anyone that writes Biblical articles,
I spend a lot of time in study and prayer each time I write.
I try to go over everything with a fine tooth comb.
I won't say it all perfectly but I will do my best.
Yes, there are others with more knowledge than me.
I think that just about everyone can say that.
I don't claim to be spiritually mature (or think I am, ahem, not a nice dig by the way).
But I'm not a babe in Christ.
I do have years of study under my belt.
I have sat at the feet of a lot of Faithful, sound, Godly men and women and taken their sound teaching to heart.
Some of you guys as a matter of fact!

It just doesn't make sense to me to do all of the study, prayer and preparation in writing and then to say, "Don't worry, I'm not talking about you, or to you, just ignore this article!"

That would give you a free pass to NOT do some self examination, which is the whole point of a biblical article. How much good would it do me if, before I read an article, the author gave me a disclaimer, "Debbie Heck, don't worry this article is not about YOU, to YOU or for YOU. Keep on the path you're on and don't examine yourself!"

Now onto the comments as to the need for patience, grace, mercy, humility towards others...

Any of my friends that read what I write on a regular basis knows that is my "battle cry" so to speak.

I try so very hard to encourage others to show the great love,
and patience

that Christ has shown to us, to others.

However, along with that undeniable and necessary attitude of agape love, we must be aware that some sins cause others to stumble NOW.

Some sins must be stopped NOW.

We can't keep on fornicating, or raping, murdering, looking at pornography, molesting children, stealing, lying, etc. These sins hurt and effect others.

So does the sin of immodesty.

You have no idea how many men are involved with pornography in the congregation you attend.

You have no idea how many hurting couples have come to us and complained about the way Christian daughters and mommas are dressed and the temptation it puts before their sons and husbands. The problem is church/world wide and epidemic.

You don't know how many private messages I got from Godly, good men that were grateful this issue of immodesty in the church was addressed because they can't hardly serve on the LORD's table as they pass the plate over exposed thighs and cleavage.

I am tired of the cry, "Men need to not look...they are just bad, dirty men. " Of course they need to look away. They are trying. Hopefully you won't be the one with grape juice spilled down your chest as they close their eyes over you while they are passing the fruit of the vine.

They're not bad or dirty.
They're men.
They are your husbands, sons, brothers and daddies, trying their best to get to Heaven pure,
and one of their biggest stumbling blocks is often their sisters in Christ.
What a shame that is.

While discussing this subject with my Dear Father in law, he said "God made men this way. They are visually wired, and it effects both young and old.
I don't know at what age men aren't effected by it.
They have to work hard all day every day every where to guard themselves. It is not right to have to do it in the Lord's worship service as well. It should be the one haven of safety that they are afforded.

ONE sin can forever alter the course of your life. One act of fornication. One time to purchase pornography or take that first drink. Sin is HORRIBLE and it's consequences are NOT to be taken lightly. We get so calloused to the idea of one little sin, one little area of sin in my life that I need to improve on, that' I'll get to eventually. Yikes.

If you want to be angry about something, well, to be frank, don't be angry someone is asking you to cover up your boobs. Be angry about sin.

So, from this long blog you can see that I have been "fed up".

I chuckled to myself
as I typed that.

Because I thought and prayed almost all night long.
I cried, a lot. Eek, you should have seen my puffy eyes this morning.
It weren't pretty.
I vacillated between down right boiling mad, to indignant and sorry.

I felt fed up.

Then I asked myself, as I often do, to examine my every emotion, and who/where/why it was coming from.
God or Satan.
It's a frequent family discussion at the Heck household.
Who are we trying to please, which one?
Why are we really aggravated?
And I reasoned in my little old head that anger would only be pleasing to that old liar the devil. I was feeling fed up? Well, maybe I should get "FED" up to the full with God's word.

So, you see, initially I felt "fed up" with people being defensive and angry.
Some of my friends were "fed up" with my Biblical articles and evidently with me.

Many of my friends were "fed up" with those friends comments. (Which I have to say, I did appreciate your love and support...what can I say...I'm human.)

But, with a lot of prayer and study I'm thinking we should just all be "fed up" with God's word.
As in "fill yourselves us with His word and His will.
Eat up His word, not each other.
Hide His word in your heart,
not anger.

Let's all be FED UP TO THE FULL in our Bible hearts/minds with His goodness and humility and don't be bent out of shape with each other, or even for each other. (Ahem...but did I mention that I appreciated, and NEEDED the support you gave to me my sweet and tender friends!)

God is SOOOO Good.
Sin is soooo bad.

Let's all be on the same team guys. It's a hard road ahead.

But, if you're still aggravated with me, hit "unfriend".

It's o.k.

My Father's got big enough shoulders for the both of us.

I love you all!
I hope your day is super duper!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

To the Sweet Young Girls in my Life

Good morning girls~

Yes, this post is just to the girls. Specifically to some young girlfriends of mine. I love you very much. I am constantly impressed by your kindness, your deep love for others, your caring example in looking to the needs of others, your desire to please the LORD. Your faithfulness in attending services. I LOVE YOU!!!

But you, like me, are not perfect. I have my struggles and
you have yours. I know one of those struggles put upon all of us is the pressure to conform to the world. The pressure to buy into the foolish idea that you must win a fella by your outward beauty and by showing off your lovely young figures. Sweet friends of mine, please do not buy that lie Satan is trying to sell you. Please look to His word for His idea of modesty. Do a word study on articles of clothing. I assure you from my deep study, and the study of many other faithful men and women, it will conclude with the knowledge that God wants us covered from shoulder to knee. Please do not come to church again (or anywhere else) in short dresses or with ANY cleavage showing, with skin tight T~shirts stretched tightly across your chests. Wearing a see through lacy undershirt under your too low cut t~shirt does not make your outfit modest. It draws the eyes right to an area of your body that is CREATED to be seen by ONLY your husband. It's for your future husband's pleasure some day, and for nursing whatever sweet babies God may give you (if you chose to do so). It's not for my sons to view( unless one day they are your husband...which right now they AREN'T) It pleases that old liar the devil, and he couldn't be more happy that you have been caught in his trap. It saddens and angers our LORD, who continually warns us to be READY. To remain PURE. To stand fast always, to be watching for HIS return..

Your own dear mommas or grandmommas may not stop you. They may not have the Bible knowledge themselves. They may be thankful that you are improving in your dress, and be afraid to push you a bit farther to where you need to be. But sweet girls, Immodesty is a sin. Immodesty can not only cause you to be lost, but others to stumble as well. Other girls because they see YOU as a good Christian girl and think it's o.k. to dress like you are dressing, and boys because they can't help but stare...and imagine. They are not bad boys. I am a woman, and I can't help but see, and males are just more visually effected. That's how God created them. That's why it's COMMANDED that as women we adorn ourselves in modest apparel. There will be a time when you get to bare all. It will be right, good, pure, wonderful, complete happiness...in your Christian marriages. But for now, keep those beautiful, lovely bodies covered up. Keep it a mystery and just shine with your beautiful smiles, your beautiful actions, your beautiful modest clothing.

I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! I look forward to spending more time on this earth with you. You light up a room just by your very presence. I look forward to spending eternity with you, sweet girls. Will you please think about these things? Will you please be willing to die to self, and follow the LORD and His will even though it's hard. Will you please try to have a humble heart and not be angered by this note to YOU? Will you please be brave and post this on your own page to encourage your own dear friends?

Have a super day my sweet young encouraging friends! Big warm hugs to all of you!


Thursday, November 3, 2011

24 Days of Blessings 1-5

As I sat here all cozy in my window seat this beautiful November morning, sipping a hot cup of spiced tea, and gazing at the bright leaves plastered on the ground, I pondered for a while all the blessings God has bestowed upon us, and me, in particular in my life.

The first thought of thankfulness that crowds all other thoughts from my heart is being thankful for His infinite mercy and love for taking a wretched sin sick sinner like me, and looking into my heart, knowing if only I knew Him I would obey Him and love Him for all I'm worth. Then His Providential hand placed one kind and loving good man in my path that would show me the way. Oh the depth and the riches of God's saving Grace flowing down from the cross for me! It is a fact I ponder daily that His infinite Mercy and Grace are completely unmerited by me.

My first thought of thankfulness always turns me right to my second, my dear husband, my Enri, by David Wayne, my Superman, my savior that led me to my Savior. I do believe in soulmates, and he is mine. No matter that we may disagree on some things, no matter that communication can sometimes be difficult between a crazy busy gal who sometimes uses way too many words, and a good and Godly man of few words; He is just what I need, and I am infinitely thankful for him. He is my life, my strong and steady, my best friend, the one who loves me, guides me and stands beside me through every battle that has come our way.

And battles lead me to my third thought of thankfulness. I am thankful for God giving me my best (girl) friend, Tammy, a faithful Christian, a treasure, a true best friend, a therapist, who would truly help me to heal and push me to be the best that I can be. Whole, faithful, Godly, focused, happy, content, at peace with my past, letting go of my past, and pushing forward with Joy for today and All God has blessed me with. Knowing where I came from and where I am is enough to make me the firmest believer in God's mighty Providence. My salvation is enough. My husband is enough. Tammy is enough. Any one of these blessings in my life brings me to my knees with Thanksgiving, completely humbled by the Mighty loving care of a God who has woven this wonderful, impenetrable fabric of loving care and concern throughout the days of my life to bring me to this day.

This one friend, my bestie, and this woven fabric that surrounds me, leads me to counting my other greatest blessings, my other best friends. Blessings upon blessings have been showered upon me because of my wonderful daughters Ashley and Candice, my sweet Shauna, my dear Chasity, Luvenia, Colby, Tina, Cindy, Joy, Nancy, Judy. Good women. Better that good. Good doesn't say enough. Tough. Kind. Loving to the depths of their souls. Honest. Strong. Faithful. And here for me every step of the way. When we were hurting and barely able to lift our heads, when we laughed until we cried and every painful step in between. I thank God every day for these precious women who have borne it all with me. I thank God for weaving them into the fabric of my life to mold me, form me, make me into this woman that I am. A woman that loves deeply that wants to show that love to them and be here for them like they have always been for me.

My last thought of thankfulness for the day will sound strange to some, and make sense to others. I am a bit ahead of the game as I believe this will be my fifth thing to list and it's only November third, but these five all go together. You may think it's strange that I have not named my children, my precious, precious children yet, but I will. I will get to each one of them individually. But it's these first thoughts that help me to love my husband and my children as God would have me to. That help make me the wife, momma and friend that I want to be. So the last thankful thought I leave you with today, is my cancer. I thank my Father every day that I had cancer. It hangs over me as a shadow. Not frightening me or worrying me, but reminding me that I truly don't know how long I have. It helps me not wait until tomorrow to tell my blessings and grandblessings that I love them dearly. It reminds me to hug them and rub their backs and hold them and love them for all I'm worth. It prompts me to fall on my knees thanking God for one more day. It focuses me on peace, patience, love, tranquility, faithfulness, mercy, grace, seizing the moment, and working with all my might today. It taught me to sit and wait. To enjoy every moment both the quiet and the crazy. It gave me a doctor who has helped me let go of my imperfections, and truly feel whole and normal, even when dealing with a possibly terminal illness.

Oh, I am thankful. So very thankful. I love you my friends. I pray your day is blessed with REALIZED blessings.