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Friday, May 20, 2011

One girl's treasure...

(mine, that is)
Just might be called "junk" by aforementioned auction~goers hubby.


But we girlie~girls had a wonderful day off!
(Ahem, the fellas, not pictured here, had a day off too, but it did
not include any auction purchases.)
We all needed a day off.
Too much...um...everything lately...

It was a perfectly, perfect day for an auction.
And I went.
All. Day. Long.
I am one happy mamma.
I "heart" auctions, oh yes I do.

Vintage linens, vintage children's toys,
antique furniture just screaming for a coat of white paint,
galvanized washtubs crying out for ice and cold drinks at your daughters upcoming graduation,
vintage cameras and camera cases, antique luncheon sets,
big ol' barrels that have to be good for something,
vintage sewing supplies...spools and spools of cotton thread wrapped on real wooden spools...
and OOOHHH the buttons...
and the cutest tin shabby white hamper with pink roses, EVER!

I could write so much more about today. The sights, sounds and smells of an auction are story telling worthy, let me tell you...Like my new found friend, Don.

He is 82,
loves auctions like me,
goes to the very same office as I do to receive radiation treatments for cancer,
takes oxycodon for pain, like my hubby,
lives just a few blocks away from my sweet daughters family.
Is crazy about his kids, grandkids and great grandkids.
(Like me, minus the greats, though once I have them, I'm sure I'll be crazy about them too)
It's a small world.
He is a widow that loves to chat with strangers and make new friends (moi)
and he doesn't have a church home.
I hope to talk to Don more very soon.

It was odd that on this, my day off, I could not help but ponder how many of the hundreds of people there might have been battling cancer too.
Some that might know it, and some not yet even diagnosed.

More sobering to me, the thought that, most likely, many were in a worse condition spiritually, lost in sin, but not even realizing their need for the Great Physician.
It is easy to chat small talk.
Why does it take such effort to turn the talk to God and Church?
Just a reminder for me to be trying harder,
to be more aware all the time of what really matters.

It was a good day.
Maybe I will write more later, but tonight, I am tired and heading to bed.
I just had to post a few pics.

More to come once I clean up my junk, ***ahem***,
(cough cough)
I mean treasures.
Can you say ***Happiness***?
Have a wonderful Lord's Day!


  1. This was a lovely post! The junk, I mean, treasure has lots of potential! Loved reading your beautiful words today. Have a wonderful weekend. Anne

  2. can't wait to see it all....
    vintage cameras?? {sigh}

  3. You both are such cuties! Wonderful treasures. :)

  4. You're so cool. Lol.


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