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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Things have settled down a bit.

Hubby is home and resting much better than at that noisy, pokey
(as in needle pokey, not slow pokey...well that too)
beeping, blinking,
wake-you-up-to-see-how-you're-resting hospital.
As for me,
I am past the half way point with my radiation and feeling pretty good!
Twenty down, sixteen to go.
Our to-do list is still ever so long...
and has, of course, been put on hold as life keeps changing our plans.

But, with surgery over,
David resting,
me glad to be over half way done,
I am in a get busy mood.
Make hay while the sun shines!
(or do it quick before the next crisis hits!! :) )
So, we are back at it.
Chipping away at yard work,
house work,
ah....happy sigh...
I do love to chip away at lists you know!

However, I didn't get to the promised picture taking of the "new" house,
or of any new projects...
I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you did not ask, "Why?"

Though our kiddos have done a stupendous job of "keeping house" and
keeping up with school during these rough patches...
things are a bit muddled and not in tip top shape,
and I,
little ol' moi,
refuse to post pictures of the new part of the house with dust bunnies
and dirt clods all over the place...
it just takes a day or two around here in the Spring and things begin to grow...
right in the living room...
while doing all of this cleaning,
get busy or get rid of it...
I came across a picture CD,
a few actually.
But this one was a lovely little CD
with some purrddyy pictures on it of days gone by.

We love parties 'round here.
Have I mentioned that?
Baby shower.
Bridal Shower.
(one coming up as a matter of fact)
Fun Family Night.
Any. Old. Reason.
That's what I'm talkin' about!
Ahem...where was I?
Ah yes, the CD.
It was a bridal shower we did for one of my oldest daughter's best friends,
Shauna and Chasity and I hosted it...
and, well...
we do especially love to throw a girlie party!
So since I'm not ready to post any new pictures,
I thought I would post a few of Rebecca's sweet little shower...

And yummy!

It seems like it was just yesterday!

Hopefully soon I'll get around to posting some new pictures of the "new" house.

Thanks for reminiscing with me.

Hope your evening is sweet.
Love to you all.


  1. ahh.... shauna and i loved doing this for rebecca. one of our best!!


    we bragged about this one a lot.
    he he.

  2. Beautiful pictures, beautiful memories. Yes, I'm still waiting patiently for those pics of your "new" house, but no, I'm certainly not asking why it hasn't been done yet. I'm kinder than that. :) <3

  3. This shower was so, so beautiful! Such fun and lovely times! :D

    Loving you much!

  4. That was such a lovely bridal shower. *happy sigh* Good memories, indeed. Love you!!!


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