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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Graduate

Our sweet Candice Marie.
Eighteen and all grown up.
I'm really not sure where the time has gone.
We are so proud of her and the faithful young lady she has become.
She loves God, children, long walks on our country road,
taking pictures (especially with her new Nikon), listening to music,
hanging out with friends, facebook, family and reading.
She is a wonderful young woman.
And it seems just yesterday she was a tiny girl.
{This one makes me get a little clumped up.}
It seems like only yesterday that we got the phone call from our social worker saying they had two precious little babies;
a tiny little girl, just turned three
and her bitty baby brother just nineteen months.
She called me.
I called hubby.
Hubby said "yes".
We did not know until those precious little babies arrived at our house that they were our namesakes.
Our bitty girl was Candice Marie, and I am Deborah Marie.
Our bitty boy was Robert Wayne, and hubby is David Wayne.
Some would call it coincidence. While I don't call it a sign, I do call it Providence.
And I do feel blessed to have them.
I feel blessed by each one of our precious five children.
I have always told our children that some grew in my womb, and some grew in my heart.
Another friend with special needs children always tells people,
if you think my hands are full,
you should see my heart.
I love that.
Of course the years of feeling like my hands are full are mostly behind.
Our blessings are grown, faithful, and a great help to us both.
I don't know how I would do without my sweet Candice.
She is a tremendous help and a joy to work beside!
Plain and simple.
I prayed for five and God gave us just that.
Hubby told me I was not allowed to pray for six. :)
Candice and her bestie, Lindsey.
She even got to skype with Linz, late after the graduation party.
It was the perfect ending to that perfect night of celebrating Candice's accomplishments!
Candice and her sweet girlie girl cousins,
Aubrie and Rylee, our best friends,
Alyssa and Sydney and another great friend,
Abby cutting up!
Candice and Kara, a dear friend and "sister".
All the cousins.
She is always happiest with little ones and family around.
When it's both, it's perfection.
Family and friends at Burr Oak, our favorite nature center, and the home of a thousand family memories and a thousand family walks.
Bible Camp Girlfriends!
Another dear friend, her sweet Naomi!
Sisters and friends.
So different and so alike!
Booh, Candy, and Bean.
(Oh my word, I can NOT believe I just typed Candy)
Sweet sister smiles and love.
More wonderful family memories.
Our beautiful family picture with sweet Shauna, at Joshua's graduation.Beautiful both inside and out, in Jamaica teaching little ones about the LORD.
Candice and her beautiful Aunts, Chas and Shauna.
It was so hard to be without Shauna during this wonderful time in her life.
It's real.
Yes they did misprint the diploma.
They put 2012.
But they sent the new one with 2011.
I just forgot to take a picture of it.
She is a joy and a blessing.
And I do love that girl.
Happy graduation sweet baby girl!
I love you!


  1. Wow. That's incredible that they have your names. I love Providence. :D

  2. so sweet. Really hard to let those baby girls grow up.


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