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Monday, January 3, 2011

Tuesday's Tip

A day well begun is half done.

I'm not the author of this quote,
nor do I claim to have mastered the adage,
but I know it to be true.

Starting my day with a cheerful,
kind and
has conquered many a busy day,
even those filled with unexpected interruptions,
and a to~do list a mile long...
(so many things to paint...
wiggles eyebrows)

Ahem...Where was I?

Ah yes...

and starting without one
has caused many a flop~of~my~days,
wrought with impatience, frustration and a too quick, too sharp tongue.

Sometimes I think I can see it going down in embers around me...
May Day!! May Day!!!

O.k. a bit dramatic,
but you know those days.

So there is my first AWE INSPIRING Tuesdays tip.

Does it count if it's a tip you already know?
I hope so.
There's nothing new under the sun, ya know.


O.k., so here's a yummy recipe for those of you that were less than impressed by my tip.

You know who you are.

This is a treasured family favorite,
a recipe of my beloved Grandma,
and simple ta boot.
You gotta love simple.
And did I mention it was chocolate?

~~Grandma's Peanut Clusters~~

12 ounces butterscotch chips
6 ounces chocolate chips
1~ 12 ounce can Spanish peanuts

That's it.

Melt both kinds of chips in a double boiler
(or the good old stand by we always use, a littler pan in a bigger pan of hot water)
After thoroughly melted, stir in peanuts.
Drop by spoonful onto waxed paper or aluminum foil.
Let cool.
These are the best peanut clusters ever.


Important disclaimer:
I do not like butterscotch.
These do NOT taste anything like butterscotch.
You are just going to have to trust me on this one.

Have a great day!



  1. I loved your tip... it's an excellent one. And I love your writing cause it sounds just like you do "live" hehe. Love you!

  2. look at you go little miss savvy.



    i hate butterscotch too!!
    almost as much as canteloupe.

    i don't even know how to spell canteloupe~
    that is how much i hate it.

  3. Not sooo savvy. Jewels made the cute link from the wild raspberry blog to this one. But I am getting a bit of it. :) Love you.


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