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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Wednesday walk/run ramblings...

Hello Dear Friends,
I love writing to you all.
I'm not good at writing letters with pen and paper. I have good intentions, but we all know how that goes, so blogging is the perfect way for me to keep in touch with so many that I love.

Just a few random thoughts that I started writing down Wednesday,
that somehow spilled over into Thursday...
that may spill over yet again if I don't get with the program and finish this post.

First my goofy move of the day, well Tuesday.
I knew that I was officially back into the swing of exercising when I was on my way to a doctor's appointment yesterday and I just barely caught myself before I squeezed my water bottle over my head in the still hot car. Yep. I do that regularly running on hot summertime roads and trails. But NOT on the way to the doctor. Not my brightest moment of the day. But funny.

My normally~at~home~still~kiddos have been gone to Bible camp this week. I had all of these ideas of getting a LOT done...ahem...Not so much. I haven't painted one little ol' piece of furniture. I haven't worked on one single itty bitty household project...and believe me there are still plenty to chose from. And while I have done a tiny bit of mending, I haven't even sewed much to speak of. I have done my normal housework: laundry, a wee bit of cooking, dishes. Nothing to write home about.

Friends have said, "Boy, I bet you are really missing your kids!" and, not even feeling guilty, I said, "I am really enjoying a quiet house and time alone with hubby." I love my kiddos. I shore do. But after so many hard months of high stress, chaos and anxiety, I am not minding a slower pace. I am not minding not doing much at all. I am not minding solitude and pondering time. I am NOT ready for my kiddos to be gone yet. But a little down time has been nice. And they are having a wonderful time at Bible camp.

I have used my quiet free time to go on a lot of long walk/runs, to spend a LOT of time in prayer, to do some extra Bible study, and to try and do some extra nice things for hubby and other friends and family here and there. I joked since my kiddos were gone, I was working on my wifey/sister skills. :) I picked up ice cream a few times this week and met hubby for a quick ice cream in his office date. Alas...there was not much smooching involved...
Hubby has windows in his office...sigh...
But in the evenings...
Yep, we watch the Tour de France...

What did you think I was going to say?
wiggles eyebrows mischievously

I spend most of my time in prayer while running and walking.
Deep meditative prayers, that are often disrupted by,
well, sort of,
Attention Deficit Disorder Prayers.
Prayers of overwhelming thankfulness that often interrupt my prior thought.
A lot of thanking God for whatever bird or wild flower has just come into my line of vision, for the sheltering arms of a huge Oak tree that gives me a few moments respite from the hot sun as I run under it's cool branches and feel the most delicious breeze wash over me and refresh me for just a moment before I am out of the shadow, and under the hot summer sun again.
I thank God for trees a lot.
For the varying shades of greenness of each one. For the different varieties he has given us.
For the wonderful shade they create. For the idea of sheltering beneath them which draws me to God, and makes me remember that He shelters me in His arms at all times.
For the bliss of a moment in the shade and the cooling breeze that always accompanies my brief respite there.
Tress always make me thank God and ponder His infinite mercy for making something as lovely and magnificent as trees, just for our enjoyment. Just because of His infinite love and care for us.

I may be deep in prayer for someone's marriage, when this lovely little pair of Mr. and Mrs. Bluebirds just flit right over head, and I interrupt one thought of prayer to say thank you Dear Heavenly Father for those husband and wife bluebirds, I mean, bluebird mates. Because my prayer is spilling out right then as I run and breathe, and I catch myself praying, I don't mean to sound flippant...of course bluebirds are not married, but thank you Father for these beautiful bluebird mates. For the brightness of their wings, for creating so much just for us to see and enjoy. Thank you for blessing me with so much...
I'm not kidding.
My prayers are often interrupted and rambly.
Go figure.

But I know that God knows my heart.
He knows how thankful I am for every beautiful sight he allows me to see, every beautiful morning songbird he allows me to hear.
He knows I am trying.
Oh, I am trying with all my might to please Him.

I know I fail.

Of course HE knows I fail.

And I am so thankful,
so thankful above all else for His infinite mercy and grace for me.
For His infinite patience with me as I long so much to be more like Him,
to be more pleasing in His sight.

Yep, I have a long way to go. We all do. Aren't you so glad, along with me,
for God's unchanging nature?

Spending time in prayer being thankful is so good for you.
The more thankful you are,
the happier you are.
Not to mention it truly helps you to keep a humble, content outlook and focus.

But, onto some ramblings.
Two more odd little tidbits.
Two fortuitous little bits of information that have helped make my running more...
well bearable,
since I can't quite call it fun yet.

I squirt myself with my perfume every morning when I get dressed out of sheer habit.
Hubby really likes my perfume, and I like that.
(No comments from the Jensens, my kiddos or Kara about aforementioned perfume.)
A girls gotta have some secrets.

Anyway, so, just out of habit, the other day before I ran, I squirted my perfume on my running clothes. NOT on purpose, because, let me tell you, no amount of perfume is going to cover up the funk you work up running.
Nuf' said.
However, I did, and that day when I ran, the horseflies that torment my running existence, left me alone.
I made up a little ditty as I ran, something like:

What's good for hubby and puts a smile on his face,
The horse flies don't like the way it tastes...

Yes, sometimes I am beyond lame.

But now I spray that perfume on every day before I run.

Tidbit number two.
Every morning before I run I was washing my face with Dove soap, like I do every day.
Well, it is hotter than a fire cracker right now.
It's been in the upper eighties when I start, and ending in the nineties by the time I finish and that is early~ish in the morning.
Sweat is pouring off of me.
Not a pretty picture, I know, but you have to have the details for this story.
So, as the sweat starts to seriously run down my face, it has been burning my skin like nobody's business.
I started to wonder if I had acid sweat.
Hubby was sure it was from too much salt.
Hubby likes to blame a lot of things on my salt intake.
He mostly just likes to harass me.
That hubby of mine.
But I got to thinking, hmm...I wonder if it is some kind of reaction with the dove soap and sweat.
So, today, I did NOT wash my face before I ran,
TA DA!!!
No burning/acid feeling on my face!

Just passing these tidbits on,
in case any of you gals need some running/walking in the super hot sun tips..
or just a good laugh on my behalf.

A few confessions now.

I love the idea of getting up early, but I'm not great at it.
I would love to get up every day at 5:30 and run.
Every night, I think it sounds like a wonderful plan.
But almost every morning I have to fight going back to bed after hubby leaves.
The alarm goes off at 6:30 and hubby hits the snooze until 7:00 and we get up.
I know.
But it's how we roll.

I am not "naturally" submissive.
I have to work at it.
I'm getting better.

I make up goofy songs all the time.
All. The. Time.
See aforementioned horse fly tune.
The grandblessings love it.
Eh, not so much.
One of our family favorites,
o.k., one of my favorites, is

"Here's the scoop,
eating oatmeal helps ya poop."

Yep. They're not always pretty. Just little ditties all day long.
But I also sing a lot of church songs too.
Singing, even silly songs, is just good for you I think.

Well, that's all for now.
I'm sure I should be doing something productive.

Hubby will be home soon.
I need to go put some perfume on.
wink wink

Love you all!
I hope your night is wonderful!


  1. I love you, Debbie! :) Thanks so much for the post. You are such an encouragement to me to do better in all areas of life!

  2. This might be my favorite blog post of yours EVER. Until next time. Lol. I completely agree with Edy. :D

  3. So, what kind of perfume did you say that was? ;)

  4. I just love listening to you mix it all up! I enjoy all of you in your family. You are such tremendous strong and courageous ladies. Love Anne


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